Standard Life Investments

Principles and policies

How we safeguard your assets

Here you will find details of the corporate governance principles and policies we use in order to make sure your investment is well looked after. If you’d like a more detailed insight, you can take a look at our Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Investment Principles and Policy Guidelines.

We also have individual regional voting policy guidelines which are tailored to specific market practice and outline our approach in more detail.

We use these guidelines to evaluate corporate governance at companies we invest in, or are considering investing in.


  • We seek to increase shareholder value through constructive consultation with companies about their strategy, performance, management and other issues
  • We aim to vote all our shares globally unless circumstances make such votes impracticable (eg shareblocking markets) or the costs would outweigh the expected benefit. We always vote our shares in a manner consistent with the best interests of our clients
  • We’re open and accountable to our customers about corporate governance activities
  • We seek to contribute to the development of the corporate governance environment.


We apply our policies in a professional and flexible manner, taking account of a company's particular circumstances. In general, we believe that -

  • A company's board should have three or more non-executive directors who are independent of executive management and other conflicts
  • A company's board should have a remuneration committee that’s chaired by an independent non-executive director and that comprises a majority of such directors
  • Exceptional levels of remuneration should be available for the achievement of exceptional performance
  • Directors' service contracts should have notice periods that don’t exceed 12 months
  • Companies should be open in their disclosures to shareholders.